Jennifer Lauck (2011): Her memoir, Found: The Quest for Mother & Home, will be released by Seal Press in March 2011.  This is the sequel to a memoir Jennifer wrote ten years ago, entitled Blackbird. An advance trailer can be viewed here. Order the book here. To read her thoughts on publishing, click here.

Kristina Moroconi (2011): Her poem, “Weather Report: Summer-Fall,” has been published in the Winter/Spring 2011 edition of Fox Chase Review. Read it here. Also, Kristina’s story, “A Wheel in a Wheel,” is currently published online at The Smoking Poet. Read it here. Lastly, her nonfiction essay, “The Count of Three,” is published in the Winter 2010-11 online edition of Philadelphia Stories. Read it here.

Anne Ney (2013): Her memoir piece, originally entitled “Chrysalis,” was published in Florida’s St. Petersburg Times’ Sunday Journal on October 29, 2010. Read it here.

Gretchen Stahlman (2011): Her essay, “The Crucible,” was published in Marathon & Beyond, Issue 6, Volume 14.


Rachel Ballard (2010): Her novel, A Long Forgotten Truth, will be the inaugural publication by Rozlyn Press. Order it here.

Nancy Canyon (2007): Her personal essay, “Take Down & Escape,” was published in Water~Stone Review, Volume 13, Fall 2010. Order it here.  Also, Nancy’s short fiction piece, “A Terrible Storm,” is forthcoming in Able Muse (Inaugural Print Addition). Order it here.

Kate Carroll de Gutes (2010): Her essay, “Don We Now Our Gay Apparel,” appears in Pank Magazine‘s online feature, “This Modern Writer.”  Read it here. Also, her essay, “String of Pearls,” appears in the Fall 2010 issue of the New Plains Review. Read it here. Lastly, her essay, “On the Hotdish Highway,” appears in the current issue of Raven Chronicles, Volume 16, Number 1. Read it here.

Buzz Mauro (2008): His poem, “Snapshot of My Brother,” was published in Fugue, Issue 39, Summer-Fall 2010. Order it here.

Anne McDuffie (2007): Her poem, “A Thought in the Shape of a Bird,” was published in Crab Creek Review, 2010 Volume 2, in a special section devoted to ekphrastic poetry. Read it here.

Tina Schumann (2009): Her poems, “Random Winter Day” and “After,” appear in the most recent issue of Crab Creek Review, Vol. 2, 2010. Order it here. Her poems “You Are Here” and “Traveling Instructions,” appeared in Vol. 172, Summer 2010 of Cimarron Review. Read or order it here. Lastly, her poem, “Autumn,” was recorded for the journal Harpur Palate in October 2010. Listen to it here.

Anita Sulliven (2008): Two of her poems and a bit of prose are included in The Isles of Greece, a poetry travelogue edited by John Lucas, forthcoming from Eland Publishing, Ltd. Order it here.

Cameron Walker (2008): Her short story, “Mother of the Bride,” was published in Damselfly Press, lucky issue #13, October 2010. Read it here.


Lia Purpura’s essay, “There Are Things Awry Here,” appears in Orion Magazine, November/December 2010. Read it here or hear an audio version of it here.

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