Liz Arnold Her essay, “Never Lost,” was published in the anthology Permanent Vacation: Twenty Writers on Life and Work in Our National Parks, Bona Fide Books. Read about it here.

Lisa Ohlen Harris Her essay, “Stranger in Blood,” was in The Gettysburg Review, Issue 24:1, Spring 2011. Order it here.

Liz Shine Her short story, “Daisy Chains”, appears in the latest issue of Blue Crow Magazine. Order it here.


Rachel Ballard (2010) Her novel, A Long-Forgotten Truth, (written while at RWW) will be published by Rozlyn Press on August 2, 2011. Read about it here; order it here.

Jay Bates (2007) His short story, “The Fisher of Fishermen”, was in The Southeast Review, Vol. 29, Issue 1 (his first story publication).  Order it here.

Barrie Jean Borich (2009): Borich reads from her essay, “Navigating Jazz,” (published in Indiana Review Winter 2010 32.2) on a Bluecast on the Indiana Review blog “Under the Blue Light.” She also discusses the map structure of her forthcoming book Body Geographic, to be published in the University of Nebraska Press American Lives Series (tentatively Fall 2012). Hear it here.

Bill Capossere (2009) His essay, “Fog,” was in Alaska Quarterly Review Vol. 28, No 1 & 2 Spring/Summer 2011. Order it here. Also, his essay, “Price of Passage,” was in Cream City Review Fall/Winter 2010/2011. Order it here.

Katie Eberhart (2010) Her essay, “Cabin Fever,” was in Cirque, Winter Solstice 2010, Vol. 2, Number 1. Order it here.

Andrea Henchey (2010) Her poems, “Notes to a Young Poet” and ”Focus, Reader,” appeared in H_NGM_N 12; read them here.

Kristin Henry (2010) Her story, “Simple Question, No Response Needed,” appears in Sheila Bender’s Writing it Real. Also, her story, “The Singer,” appears in the July-August-September issue of The Storyteller; order it here.

M. J. Iuppa (2006) Her poem, “Constellation,” was in the fall 2010 The Chariton Review; order it here. “Sleep by Numbers,” “Nature Redux,” and “Daydream of Catastrophe,” were in the Fall 2010 Apple Valley Review; read them here. “Eavesdropping,” was in the January 2011 Glass: A Journal of Poetry; read it here. “Rowing Toward Light,” was in Tar River Poetry. “Looking Back,” “Blue Notes,”  “Early Morning,” and “Small Child Holding a Balloon,” were in the Fall 2010 Grey Sparrow Journal; read them here. “Keeping an Eye on Things,” was in issue #1 of 5923 Quarterly; read it here. “Ontario,” appears in the current issue of Hobble Creek Review; read it here. “Spectrum” was in March 2011 Numinous Magazine; read it here. Her prose poem, “Goldfish, Swimming,” was in the Spring 2011 issue of The Prose Poem Project; read it here. Her essay,”Bowlful of Cherries,”was in The Northville Review; read it here. “Surely,” was in Postcard Memoirs; read it here.

Lita Kurth (2009) Her poem, “March Melt,” is in the current issue of Blast Furnace Press; read it here. Also, her poem, “Heifers in a Cattle Car: Wisconsin,” was in New Verse News for April 16. Read it here (by searching her name on the New Verse site).

Jean A. McDonough (2008) Her piece, “Extreme Unction,” was in the current Bayou Magazine (order it here) and “A Voice Too Big,” was in the Fall 2010 Cold Mountain Review (order it here).

Buzz Mauro (2008) His story, “Fractions,” was in Willow Springs, Issue 67, Spring 2011. Read it here. “Game Theory,” was in Necessary Fiction (March 2, 2011). Read it here. “Delicious Noodle,” was in Everyday Genius (March 24, 2011). Read it here.

Lois Rosen (2010): Her short story, “Seedless Grapes,” appeared in the Winter 2011 issue of Raven Chronicles, Vol. 15, Number 2. Also, she has a story in Alimentum: The Literature of Food, Issue 12; order it here.

Tina Schumann (2009) Her poems, “Calculations” and “Friday,” appear in the most recent issue of The American Poetry Journal, Issue #10, 2011. Order it here.

Cameron Walker (2008) Her essay, “Depth Afield”, was in High Country News, Jan. 24, 2011. Read it here. She sends thanks to Hilary Schaper (2008) for her help with this essay.


Kevin Clark had two interviews appear online this year, one in the May 2011 Flashpoint Journal (read it here) and the other in the January 2011 issue of Propeller (listen to it here).

Lola Haskins’ new book, Fifteen Florida Cemeteries: Strange Tales Unearthed, has been published by University Press of Florida. Read about it here; order it here;

David Huddle His essay, “Method and Mystery: Speculation in Narrative Art,” appeared in the May 2011 Brevity. Read it here.

Dinah Lenney Her essay, “Against Knowing,” appeared in the Craft Essays of the May 2011 Brevity. Read it here. “The Dinner Party,” appears in the Spring 2011 Issue 41 of Creative Nonfiction. Order it here.

[Editor’s note: The aforementioned Huddle and Lenney Brevity essays are adapted from presentations the authors gave as part of Jill McCabe Johnson’s excellent panel, “What the Narrator Doesn’t Know: The Importance of Speculation in Narrative,” at the AWP 2011 Conference. The essays are the first of a two-part series in Brevity that will continue in its September issue with an essay by Lia Purpura].

Scott Nadelson His essay, “The Odessa Writing Course,” appeared in New England Review, Vol. 31, No. 4; order it here. “The Two Lances,” was in New Ohio Review, Issue 9; order it here. “Don’t Look Now: The Drama of Seeing,” is in the online section of the current American Literary Review; read it here. His story, “The Old Uniform,” was in the Spring 2011 American Literary Review; order it here.

Lia Purpura “There Are Things Awry Here,” will be included in Best American Essays, 2011; watch for it here. Also, her short piece on Gerard Manley Hopkins will be out this summer in Great Poems: Contemporary Poets Reading Masterpieces from Poetry East; watch for it here.

Stan Sanvel Rubin His poems, “Tornado” and “For an Instant,” were in the Vol. 68 Winter issue of The Louisville Review; order it here. Also, his essay-review, “Presence,” is in the current issue, Vol. 13, of Water-Stone Review; order it here.

Peggy Shumaker Her prose piece “Zuill Bailey and a 1693 Matteo Gofriller Cello,” is in the current issue of Brevity.  Read it here. Her poem, “Night Dive,” was posted in March by former U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser for column #311 of American Life in Poetry (syndicated in 300 newspapers). Read it here.  This same poem was paired with photos of undersea creatures and a science article by Cornelia Dean on The New York Times feature The Learning Network, March 10, 2011. See it hereAn Endless Skyway: Poetry from the State Poets Laureate, (North Liberty IA: Ice Cube Books, March 2011) includes her poems, “Long Before We Got Here, Long After We’re Gone,” “In Praise, Ephemera,” “Chatanika,” “Gnawed Bones,” and “Mother Tongue.” Order it here.


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